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Iplayer app not loading on BBC IPlayer

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To resolve another issue I needed to do a factory reset. It did the resolve the issue but now I can not load the bbc iplayer app. It sticks on the loading page indefinitely.


i have unplugged the tv, deleted the app & reinstalled. I have also reset the tv again


please advise 


Hi, check this link if you havent already as there is a fault with your TV that might or might not be able to be fixed via a new fimeware update,

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I've also had this problem for about a month, and Samsung support have just resolved it over the phone and via a remote connection to the TV.   They resolved it by resetting the SmartHub, changing the SmartHub country setting temporarily to the US, then changing it back again to UK.  This is done via the menu option Smart Hub... Reset Smart Hub and then on the Terms and Conditions page entering a hidden combination of remote keys.  That process presumably removes all the pre-installed apps then re-installs them, and that seems to do the trick. 


Details of the procedure to change the country setting can be found by Googling "How to Change a Smart Hub Region on a Samsung Smart TV"


Hope that helps.

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I have a UE40JU6740 Samsung TV. I have been advised by Customer Support that this model has a problem with playing BBC iPlayer. The problem means that it will stick on the loading screen. Resetting the hub will temporarily allow it to work again but it will re-occur when the TV goes into standby.  Apparently Samsung is working with BBC to resolve this. This has spoilt my experience of Samsung products and will certainly make me think again before purchasing another if this is not resolved quickly.

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I'm also experiencing the same on UE32J5600.  It was working until recently.

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 Samsung was able to reinstall all the apps and succesfully get iplayer working. 

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@jdawGlad the issue is solved.  For General updates see the Iplayer page which has link to troubleshooting      A few threads on Iplayer, one of the more recent ones here.

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