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BBC I Player not working.

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This may help some of you.  Ring Samsung technical help desk. They will reset your TV to factory settings. t may take a while.   You may get Iplayer to work for a while and then it will fail again...don't worry too much. There is a Beta Version of I player and you may have installed this by mistake. Revert back to the old I player in iplayer settings and it should work. Also in your Samsung Apps delete the BBC apps for news and Sport. Sometimes this kickstarts the Iplayer to work. 

Hope this helps someone. Mine is working again.  This is a BBC problem with their software. If it is not broken do not try to fix it. It works fine as is.

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Hi @gerrysomers thanks for your input and glad your Iplayer issue now solved.  Whilst the Beta Iplayer may be an issue for some nonetheless I wouldwish to deter those who wish to use it  (many habe had no problem with Beta)   However as you will imagine  it is an area for testing out new features.   Iplayer Beta  See guide for hgeneral troubleshooting


There are a few threads on issues and will encose this one here

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I agree. I am not using the BETA version as I said I may have installed it by mistake. Original  IPlayer is still working fine. 

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