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All4/Prime Video not working

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I purchased the UE43NU7020 at the beginning of December. 


Now half the "smart" features don't work. The All4 app loads the adverts, but then freezes and shows 4 loading dots and nothing more. 


Amazon Prime Video loads all the menus and episode lists, but when I click them I get a black screen or just a frozen first frame of the show .


Netflix works. These apps work on other devices (PS4/phone/pc) all wired in same as this TV to the same network. 


I don't have sky or Freeview, I just use these apps to watch TV, and now I can't even do that. 


I've reset my router, reset the smart hub and re-entered all my passwords and still no luck. I've seen posts about this from October last year - has this been resolved yet? Can I please get some advice or help, as I'm about ready to flog this useless TV on Facebook. 

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Hi @WhatAJoke.


An auto-update to the All4 app should've resolved the issues for that app for peeps with 2017 & 2018 TV's, but I reckon there's a bit more than that happening in your case... 


What's the current firmware version of your TV? Settings > Support > Software Update.


Version 1202.5 is available to download on to a USB from that model's Support page on our site here if you need it. 


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Hi there,

It says I'm on version 1007. I searched for an update now and I don't have one to download apparently .

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Superuser I

Hi @WhatAJoke,  You would need to download the latest firmware to USB and update that way, @AntS provided the link but here it  is again         Updates are often firstly available via USB before OTA.      Do have Auto Updates on for your apps?   A few threads on All4 issues and recent troubleshooting advice:


"We would advise that we have since released a new All 4 update for Samsung TV that should resolve some of the issues you were experiencing previously. We would recommend you follow the previously advised troubleshooting once again, to ensure All 4 is fully optimised on your Samsung TV. We have included these steps again below for your convenience:


Please ensure your firmware is up to date. Manually updating the firmware   i.e. go onto the Samsung website, find the latest file, download onto USB is the best way to check this. Automatic updates do not find the most recent firmware sometimes, and so out of date versions can cause issues. Reset the smart hub from your TV settings. To do this go to Go to settings  > Go to support  > Go to Self Diagnosis  > Select Reset  Smart Hub. (Please note this will update all apps on your TV and you may have to log in on other services again).


Please ensure you have the most up to date version of the All4 app installed ? this can be found on the Help & info section on your TV.Reboot your television set and Internet modem, by powering them down for 60 seconds and switching them back on. " 


You wish to check this thread for some further information.

Know obviously though you have completed some steps, as far as Amazon prime goes  you may wish to check their troubleshooting though similar.   Prime Troubleshooting


If al else fails seeing it is a recent purchase, you have the option of approaching your retaier.









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