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HW-K450 soundbar cycling through inputs

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Hoping someone might know what's going on!


Have a HW-K450 soundbar and subwoofer. Connected via D-in (optical) to an LG TV. Been fine for several years.


 Recently however after it has been turned on for a while it will start cycling through all available inputs (USB, AUX etc.), at first once every few seconds and then gradually getting quicker and quicker until it's cycling through non stop. 


Samsung weren't able to provide much idea of an issue. Wondering if anyone had the same and/or a fix?


To try and hopefully preempt some questions,

- have checked with Samsung that there were/are no software updates 

- soundbar has not been moved or damaged

- have taken the battery out of the remote to confirm it's not an issue with that

- have replicated the issue starting on different sources (Btooth and D-in)

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Having the exact same problem! Did it this morning then has been fine most of the day but it's just started doing it again (about 8 hours later). I've tried unplugging it for a bit and that seems to temporarily cure it. 


Mine is connected to a Samsung TV wirelessly

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Hi there

Wondering if you ended up finding a fix for this. I'm having the same exact issue but with another Samsung sound bar model HW J551. I've tried all sorts to fix mine but no good. Mine is only 3 years old. Pretty annoying.



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I did! I removed the bottom plate of the soundbar and on the circuit board there's a small white connector with a blue tab on it, this connects the controls on the end of the soundbar to the circuit board. I found elsewhere on the forums that unplugging this will solve the problem and it did! It now works exactly as it should minus the ability to use the controls on the end of the soundbar. It's not a perfect fix but it saved me buying a new one. Hope this helps! 

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