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Galaxy 6 edge flashing lights

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My s edge plus has just started having the back and recent apps lights flashing very quickly and i am unable to swip e the screen. Have tried clearing cache and soft reset but no difference. Any suggestions how to solve this problem


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @JohnBanks68.


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to find a fix?

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Hi Chris

Yes i am still having the flasing buttons. have tried factory reset but no difference. It does not happen all the time and the phone works perfect when not flashing. mobile phone repairers close to me say they can investigate but the cost could be £200, phone is not worth that much.


AntS Moderator

Hi @JohnBanks68. Everything up to date on your phone as regards firmware and apps?


And were those mobile phone repairers one of the official Samsung Support Centres?


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Hi Ant S

Yes everything is up to date, i have done a factory rest but the problem is still there. The repairers i tried were not official samsung but all local to wolverhampton so i could drop the phone off. Couple of them said its probably the screen which i dont think it is but they have not seen the phone yet

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