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Auto rotate option missing

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OK, i've actually found out this is a feature...

If your phone is set yo portrait mode and you want to rotate the screen, you'll notice a small icon appear next to the home key when you turn the phone - hit this and the screen rotates. turn the phone back and the icon reappears - hit it to rotate the screen.

This is incredibly useful for me who gets frustrated when some apps rotate and i don't want them to (yes, i know there are utilities to l;ock individual apps, but i've never found one up to my required standards )

I found this info on the Digital Trends webite.


This helped me figure it out!

Auto-rotate totally dissappeared from my shade. It wasn't renamed Panel or Landscape, there was simply one less item on the shade.

Anyway, I went to settings and searched for "rotate". This took me to Accessability.  I scrolled down and found Auto-rotate screen and turned it on. Bingo! Auto-rotate is back on my shade!

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