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Formal Nest Integration?


This is probably for samsung themselves, but does anyone know if Samsung intend to partner with Google Nest via the "Works with Google Assistant" scheme to be able to formally integrate nest with SmartThings? 


I have chose SmartThings as my automation platform but am disappointed that since the announcement from google that open access to Nest has been discontinued because i intended to do "If theNEst Protect goes off unlock the door, turn on the lights, turn off the boiler/furnace" - Nest is the leader here in a very small market of connect Smoke Detectors so it would be nice if Samsung worked with Google to get the access for Nest control via smartthings.

AntS Moderator

Hi @KH88


I asked my UK SmartThings team colleagues, and they don't have any news on this.


Unsure if you're aware, but SmartThings have their own Community here (and a UK & Ireland specific board here) - and that might be worth keeping tabs on for the latest SmartThings-related news/info. 


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


Thanks for the reply. That is rather interesting - I would have thought that with Google closing off the "back door" to Nest that a partnership and secure connection between platforms would be a "no brainer".


The Nest protect is far advanced of any other smart smoke detector on the Market and not having a Nest/SmartThings Partnership kind of rights off the most important automation - safety. 


I will take a look at the SmartThings community at some point  

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