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s8 not charging or switching on

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My s8 today has stopped charging. It doesn't work on the wall charger or in the car, and when I plug into my laptop it says the device isn't recognised and that there may be a problem with the device.

I have tried restarting the phone, by holding down the power button, and by holding the Bixby, power and volume down, and also by holding the volume down and power.

It has rebooted now several times which has drained the battery and it now won't switch on or charge still.


I am using the original samsung charger and I only use samsung products with the phone. The phone hasn't been dropped recently and I can't see any signs of water getting in.

What can be done to make it charge again?? It's very difficult to get to a phone shop so it would be preferred if I could fix this myself

CarlH Moderator

Hi @HarletPanda. I'd usually recommend keeping your phone on charge for half an hour and then try the Soft Reset you've been doing and possibly an alternatvie charger to check. If that doesn't work though, you may have to take it to a Service Centre for an engineer to inspect. This link will direct you to the closest in your area.

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