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hotmail server settings on galaxy s7 - unable to send emails or calendar apointments

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Perfect, exactly what I needed! Works perfectly now!

How I fixed it for me.

Hello I was having the same problem.

the problem wasn't the device being quarantined it was that everytime I entered a when adding an account Samsung Galaxy would not let me enter the settings manually - it would set up the hotmail as an exchange account.

Finally I entered the account name with a typing error on purpose     I left out the i    I put in the password and I was then able to setup the account manually.    I had to change hotmal to hotmail in 3 places.

I set it up as IMAP with the following setting and it now works.      Put your account name in place of ""


SSL: true-implicit
Port: 993 (default)



SSL: true-explicit
Port: 587 (default)


As I say this worked for me.

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I had the same problem with hotmail which lasted all day.* I got the error message that I needed to resubmit my password but after entering it I kept receiving the same error. settings showed that my devices were all OK. I deleted my hotmail account from my phone and then entered it again. Hotmail would still not work on my phone. I had no problem with hotmail on my PC.


For me this was the solution that worked. 


1- Click on Play Store

2- Slide from left side of screen

3- Select My Apps and games

4- Choose to update all. 


After the updates completed Hotmail worked just fine.


My guess is that auto update did not succeed in updating essential Google services that allow the e mail app to work properly. Manually updating solved the problem.


I hope this information will be useful to someone.  


Kind regards



*I am using a Samsung J7 2016 and the e mail app that came with the phone.


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