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Uninstall Android Pie + One UI


I just received and update to install Android Pie + One UI.

I did that, and it has been the worst thing that has ever happened to my phone after falling down and cracking the screen. The major functionalities of the phone are broken now, it is extremely uncomfortable to use, and looks like a 5yo kid designed the UI.

How do I uninstall this update?

Thank you for your help.

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Superuser I
Its not possible to remove it in a supported way (Unless you opted in for the Beta). The only thing you can do is work with custom roms but thats is completely unsuported and at your own risk (Its risky so I won't recommend trying).

What are the issues you are experiencing with the new version? (The more detailed, the better ). Perhaps I can give a bit of advice.

@SjorsK  Thank you for the reply. There are a number of things which are horribly wrong:


- Battery drain: My battery went from lasting 2-3 days to not reaching the end of 1 day. As long as the phone is in standby battery consumption is ok, but using any app now takes more than 3 times the battery it used before the update. For example, listening to music on my way to work takes down a good 5-7% of the battery for a trip that lasts only 20 minutes. As I am writing this time is 16:00 and my battery levels are at 47%. Before the update I used to use about 35% per day.


- Adaptive Brightness does not work: Every single time I pick up my phone and unlock it, brightness is set around 33%, no matter at what value I set it before. I keep turning it down, but literally every time it is back up at the same level.


- Incredible Security Vulnerabilities: Apparently whoever designed the new update thought it reasonable to have the keystrokes light up visibly when one inputs its pin to unlock the phone. So now the guy sitting next to me on the underground can see my pin in a very convenient and easy way. The developer should get 100 points for intelligence here.


- Keboard is almost unusable: Frequently, the keyboard hangs while typing, or slows down to the point of being unusable. I have to close the app and restart it.


- Recent apps view is cumbersome and slow to navigate: Who thought the horizontal view like the IPhone was a good idea? It takes me twice as much to find the app I am looking for, and even more if I want to close multiple apps. This is ridiculous.


- The ergonomics are so flawed it's a pain to use the phone: When one opens any setting or built-in app, the size of text, menu items, and placement is horrendous. For example, if you open the text-messages app, only like half the screen has the messages, while the top half is used only to write "MESSAGES" with a huuuge blank space around it. Wow, so useful.


- Notifications are huge: When I receive a message, say on WhatsApp for instance, the popup notification takes up an enormous amount of space respect to before, to the point that I cannot continue doing what I was doing until the notification disappears, or I swipe it away. 100 points for usability!


- Colours and icons are childish: If before the Samsung interface and launcher was already an icon clusterf**k, now it's a joyful icon clusterf**k. On the bottom main bar I now have icons bright green, bright blue, bright orange, and bright red. This, compared to how intelligent some changes have been (read above) makes me think that Samsung hired the Teletubbies to design their interface. Either that, or they wanted to make an interface for old people with color blindness.


Truly, this update makes me want to throw away the phone. Now the UI resembles an IPhone a lot. The whole point of using an Android phone is to NOT use IPhone. This update goes against any logical use of screen space and user-friendlyness. It is so cumbersome it's an extreme pain in the rear to use. And several of the choices made are laughable at best. I wish I never downloaded it. No way I am going to buy another Samsung device now, I am done with this.

Hi I'd like to request the same
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It's horrible all the way around just like she explained it it's like a five-year-old designed it all the main features of the phone are gone I used it's ridiculous and I'm going to switch to Apple as soon as I can. I was going to buy the Galaxy S10 plus but I think not now and I'm going to recommend this to all my friends and on Facebook and I completely disregard and will be sharing this about Samsung and will never use their product again since they cannot reverse this has created a lot more problems for me and my family.

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Not to mention the volume controls have been removed, unless you exit the app

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My Data wont work.  I can only  access email/internet via a wifi connection.   Is there something I can do to fix this?


Just got the update a professional designer I love the design...if I was aiming to please toddlers.  This is terrible....if it's not reversed soon I'll be seeking out alternatives up to and including switching away from Samsung

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Same problem working tooo bad after update.

sim working fine in other handsets without update


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