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Set Warranty Bit: Kernel message Note 4

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My unrooted Note 4 has been shutting down and rebooting since a recent OTA update. Now I have the above message in the top left of the initial boot up screen. I am out of warranty and would like to fix this myself.


Android version 6.0.1, Model SM-N910F


Any ideas?



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Superuser I

If this was my device I'd first try clearing the system cache and if that didn't help then back up and factory reset @sierradelta which is generic advice if a phone is glitching after a firmware update. 


In regards to Manufacturing Warranty Samsung phones come with 24 months. 

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Hey BandOfBrothers, I can't clear the cache or do a factory reset because the phone won't boot up. It's frozen on the initial boot up screen.


My note 4 is nearly 4 years old so well out of warranty.  I mention that it's unrooted because I've read that the on screen message in the title can happen when the phone is rooted which it isn't. 


Thx anyway.

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