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yesterday I uninstalled secure folder to see if that was a cause of minor issues on my s7 edge but although I uninstalled through the  app I did a phone search with data turned on and it  said the only place was in Samsung app store but it said update just as it did when I first it it was nowhere on my phone yet it said update.I have just looked today and can not find it any were on my phone or app store.

I started using banking and wanted to see if I can put the app in the secure folder only I can not find it any were.but another concern is if it said update on the app instead of install then that must mean there is some form of file or residue of it on my phone and this was before I had even heard of it 


I thought Samsung monitor this forum I get the feeling any thing that is a real issue is being avoided.

I have just found out that secure folder is just the new name for MY KNOX SEPARATE WORK FROM PLAY in device maintenance from marshmallow 

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I've had a reply on my escalation about this one.


Unsure how you uninstalled Secure Folder, but if it's not appearing at all in Apps > Settings > Applications > All apps > 'Secure Folder' in order to enable it, then it might be best to carry out a data backup using Smart Switch, and then a factory reset (Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset) in order to restore it.


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  Thanks for the time spent on this.

How I uninstalled.

Inside the secure folder the three dots at the top right takes you into settings were if you scroll down.but if you do uninstall you have to disable reactivation lock.


As I don't have WiFi or a pc the only back up I can do is via my Samsung account so unsure how much data I will lose.

But this is how my phone was returned to me after repair from failing to install nougat.

So doing a factory reset will surely just take me back to how it was when i first heard about secure folder and even then it said update.

My concern is losing all my data and paid for apps I only have four but last time I did a factory reset I had to buy the apps back as the sellers.on play store wouldn't acknowledge my messages.

So until i am sure it is creating real problems in my's the ocd thing were you know there is some unused residue file 

So thanks for the time and effort people but I'll lick my wounds for now 


Sorry I have just read your message again just to be clear I don't want secure folder I want it off my device 

That's why I asked when I uninstall why it says update rather than install as I have supposedly removed it.

Sorry about the misunderstanding


Hey @DRUIDDOODE513. The reason you're unable to completely remove Secure Folder is because it's a stock app. You'll be able to disable the feaure, but not completely remove it from your phone. Hope this clarifies things for you. 

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