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Screen rotation not working on S5

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After my phone installed an android system update (I think a security update) late Jan or early Feb, my screen rotation stopped working.


I first tried cold-booting the phone as looking at forums apparently that's helped some people out.


I tried a factory reset, i.e. wiping the phone, but the fault persists.


Weirdly, when it first happened, if I booted into safe mode,  it worked but only for about 10 seconds and then it stops rotating so I didn't think it was a hardware issue, but now it doesn't work in safe mode at all.


If I open the daignostic menu (*#0*#) I get 0 for the accelerometer sensor test and also 0 in the gyroscope test.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I thought it was software at first and probably the system update that caused it but now as I can't even get it to work in safe mode I'm worried it's looking like a hardware fault.


Thanks in advance!



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Sorry I forgot to add any's a Samsung Galaxy S5:



Android version 6.0.1

Android security patch level 1 April 2017

Baseband version G900FXXS1CQAV

Kernel version 3.4.0-9493471

Security software version MDF v1.1 rel 6, VPN v1.4 rel 6.0, ASKS v1.2_161011


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Hi @ChrisBa.


Unsure if it's still an issue for you, but from your description it does sound very much like a hardware one, so I'd advise getting it checked out at your nearest Support Centre.


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