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Samsung galaxy S7 nougat wifi calling


I have s7 edge on vodafone nougat 7.0. Wifi calling option is missing.  Vodafone have it enabled on my account told me to take phone to samsung store so I did and samsung techs said it's voda's problem with firmware patch . Voda deny this so any ideas what I do to get this patched.


Hey @Mick1275! So Wi-Fi calling is a network, rather than manufacturer's feature. You'll just need to contact Vodafone again and ask them to sort this out for you. Best of luck and keep us updated with how you get on! 

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I contacted vodafone and they had no idea why it's missing and said it's enabled on my account I will have to take it up with samsung. I just get passed around with this now .


Same issue. I'm with o2, wifi snd 4g calls has been activated but the actual issue is thst in the samsung settings, there's nowhere to actually turn the features on..even though their video demo uses an s7 and has the settings available..can someone at samsung please resolve this as I need phone access for my job

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