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Samsung downscaling apps without user consent, causing display problems

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It has come to my attention that Samsung have a feature whereby apps are downscaled to preserve battery life, these settings can be changed by downloading Samsung's Game Tuner app from the app store. Sadly on my Samsung Galaxy A5-2017 it downscales to 75% of the native resolution by default, even when the Game Tuner app is not installed. I find this very annoying as I am currently developing an app, and it will not display correctly on Samsung devices for this reason.


I have contacted Samsung Developer Support on the 30th of March and as yet I have had no response.


Lets have a look at some screenshots (make sure to enlarge them to view full sized image):



Screenshot_20180329-180909.pngSamsung downscaled: display problemsdonuts.pngHow it should lookScreenshot_20180329-182739.pngSamsung downscaled: display problemswatermelon.pngHow it should lookScreenshot_20180329-182850.pngSamsung downscaled: display problemsshredded.pngHow it should look

This app is available in the google play store named "Play with Particles" and it has a free "lite" version if any of you would be so kind as to test it on your devices and see how it displays that would be much appreciated.

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