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Samsung Support and lack of help




Whats the best way to get help from Samsung.


Basically, I bought a Galaxy S7 Edge, the screen became faulty so I booked it in at the Manchester and was told it'd take 5 days to repair. After 5 days I went back and was told the phone had been sent off and it'd take 7 days to be repaired and sent back to be picked up. Do you wanna know how long it took?


10 and a half weeks (yes... 74 days) to receive a new phone. Phone support was useless, email support was useless and nobody was helping with anything. 


In the midst of this I Bought a Note7 to be told "oh hey, it'll probably blow up in your face" so I sent it off after weeks of email and phone support failing to help me do so. This was October and I'm still waiting for a refund. I was told by email support that I'd receive my refund paperwork in 5 days. That was 2 weeks ago.


Now, I received my replacement Galaxy S7 Edge on 24/11/2016 after waiting 74 days and after 7 days it develops a dead pixel and a purple screen. So off I go again to the repair centre and this replacement phone is booked in and I was told it'd be 5 days maximum wait and that the process is different this time around. Sure sounds familiar hey? I go back this Friday after 5 days, and low and behold they say it can't be repaired and I should receive a phone call that day. Never received it, I've emailed the store Manager and tagged U.K. Support into the same email and no answer. What manager doesn't check his emails daily after telling me to email him with questions etc?


What should I do? Basically I've spent over £1000 for 2 phones and both I've used for less than 3 weeks each. Still waiting for my Note7 refund after nearly 3 months and I just don't know what to do.



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Hey LeeviJ,


Let's try and help you with this. We're going to need to view some more details on this, can you drop me or AntS a PM and we'll take a look at this tomorrow? We'll need your reference number and/or serial and IMEI, contact telephone number and email. 



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my phone was picked up on Tuesday for return to Samsung for repair under warranty - the rear glass plate is coming unstuck along one edge - also not sure if this has been caused by any parts inside expanding - such as battery.  I am hoping for a return or replacement which was estimated as 7 days - is there any chance that I am likely to be without a phone for much longer than that?  I dont have a phone I can use (my note edge takes a larger sim) whilst I can manage without for a week by using skype if it is going to take longer I will need to get a new sim to put in my note edge?

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Hi gbswales :robothappy:


We've been advising 10 working days for postal repairs recently. 


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My advice would be to contact the CEO, just Google it and it will take you straight to them. My brother had an issue with his S7 edge and the support he received was pretty poor, as soon as they don't deliver on their promise, i.e. lie, the customer service is not acceptable by any standards and needs to be put right. In my brothers case he got a replacement device the following week. as much as I love Samsung products, their customer service is sub par by my standards.

With all that being said, apparently there is a global parts shortage that is causing delays. but I only found that out through news, there's no mention of it in their repair centres or when contacting customer support.

I do believe you 100%, Samsung means lie n false promises n excuses that's what they represents, I got same problem as u, am tracing my refund for more then four months bt no luck. Only u get from Samsung is false excuses n lie n they don't care about customers safety n care. I called more then 70 times evry time different customer service representative n same excuses n same lie, complaint department not even exist, They basically don't want to help, pls think 100 times before buying any Samsung products, am die hard Samsung supporters n got all Samsung products including house hold appliance,now am happily selling all Samsung products n never ever buy anything from Samsung. Samsung is not trustworthy company, Samsung don't care about customers. So y we ? If u willing to take them to court regarding this, am aswell willing to file court proceedings, etleast they want treat other like us in future, pls try to go to ur local MP n get involved in this case, so government or trading standards can involved in this, and Samsung can change their processors. World's worst customer service n complaint department.

You could try going to citizens advice, they can get you a solicitor to advise you where you stand. Also try trading standards to see if Samsung have broken any of the 12 month warranty term. But be careful with them they can be pushy. Or the best option take Samsung to small claims court you can find all the information on the government website 

Thanks a lot. I think small claims courts is very good idea.

Its really easy to do it takes 4 to 6 weeks to pprocess and you do have to pay. Ive got a claim in process at the moment to Samsung 

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