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Samsung S8+ no missed call notifications?


I have the same issue w/ my S8+... People try calling me and my phone never rings! So they text me and tell me they just tried calling -- (no missed call on log).. Other times, (which has been happening DAILY now, it will ring once and I'll go to answer it and it ends before I can answer. The person on the other end later tells me that it rang on their side, clicked or sounded like it picked up but then cut off the call instantly.


=I had 2 spam apps loaded that tell caller ID of unknown callers -- thought maybe an update went whacky or something was causing calls to be blocked - so I UNINSTALLED both of them and it still happens multiple times a day -- I'm very frustrated as I can't keep missing business and important personal calls...


=I do not have Truecaller, Nova or CM Launcher on my phone so uninstalling these is not an option (and as an IT trouble shooter myself, that fact that I don't have those on my phone rules out 'those apps' being the over-arching issue).

=Someone said turning off Screen Lock solves it -- NOPE, still an issue -- had no impact 

=I checked system updates and it says I'm already up-to-date.. 


Telling someone to swap out sim cards is unrealistic -- I'm in the IT industry and know there's got to be an app that detects the issue -- or device to plug the phone into -- to run a diagnostic on it --and since these phones are always connected to the phone network - activity issues should be relatively easy to track/identify I would think..

Hoping someone has an answer - this is supposed to be the cream of the crop of phones... need the phone to work--

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Safe mode worked for me. Ta
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i had same problem  by the following steps

1.go to "phone" app

2.go to setting

3. show calls in pop up...


I have done everything i took my phone to samsung still same problem they did an factory reset.

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I've got the same problem, word for word!

Have you resolved it yet?



Same issue here. Tried all the mentioned solutions however nothing worked. Very annoying to spend >= € 900  on a device with issues like this. This is basic funcionality. @Samsung please provide solution fir this asap.


I tried looking for true caller on my phone and i cannot find it. I also looked for any other apps that may cause the problem, but i cannot find any. I have a note 8, but that should not be the problem. I even tried doing it on safe mode and still no true caller.

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Hi! I just realized yesterday that I wasn't getting notified of my missed calls either.... My family kept complaining that they called and I never received a notification. If they didn't leave a voicemail which did notify me I didn't know they called. I read through many "solutions" last night and ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app my phone service is through. (METROPCS) Works perfectly now! I hope this helps you  

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