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Samsung Note 8 sm950f - stuck on 'app optimizing' screen after a restart

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2 days after installing all of my previous apps - 146 - The phone downloads and updates from google stopped working.


I restarted


At first  -Nothing - no re boot. 


Then i pressed power key and volume down key and it rebooted but stayed on samsung screen - with samsung pulsing in the middle of the screen - After 10 minutes i tried again.


Then i get a green screen woth 2 cogs that states


'Android is starting

Optimising app 146 of 146'


The progress bar is full


I left it for 7 hours over nigt and woke this morning as it was not atached to power - battery died


(it was fully connected to wi fi and had a sim in - i removed the sd card)


Today the same issue exists, after several attemtps it remains on android is starting. (plugged in this time)


After about 4 minutes the android did vibrate, once. then a minute later again. but then nothing - optimising!





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Are you able to get any joy from trying a soft reset (i.e. pressing and holding the Power & Volume down keys) when the phone's connected to a computer with Smart Switch:


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My note 4 kept doing this a few months ago. I left it off without the battery for a while then restarted it all.
Obviously with the 8 you can't remove the battery. Not yet discovered how you start this one in safe mode but I think that's your best option. Safe mode and diagnostics


You are just describing my sad situation now.

We're you able to reach a solution?

Your feedback is appreciated. 


Any luck with you phone?
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Hello.. FINALLY found someone with the EXACT same problem as me. I downloaded an app and the app  became nonresponsive  after a while, my phone was lagging and I couldn't  close app. Restarted it but app was still open. Tried restarting again and it was black with Samsung logo pulsing for 10 mins. After restarting it a couple more times it is now green/teal colour screen saying optimising apps. Left it like that and batt died. It won't stop booting into this screen. Can't get into safety mode or any other functions. Not happy. Did you solve it?



Yes I did find a solution though it was kind of painful solution.

Hope your luck is better than mine.

So, basically you need to turn off your device.

Press bixby and volume up button together.

Then press power button.

Keep pressing till you get a blue screen with Android logo.

Release all buttons.

Press volume button again, just one press don't hold.

You will see multiple options.

One of them is to clear cache, try it and see if your luck is better than mine.

If not, do the whole steps again but this time choose factory reset.

You can get most of your data and configuration from the cloud but still you will miss some.

Good luck and tell me if you still need help.

Will sleep soon.
Tell me if it worked 😉
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I had a similar problem. Mine came up to do the Samsung software update, but it stopped at optimizing app 110 of 110", so I left it overight on charge and I just woke up 8 hours later and it was still stuck at the same point so tried the soft rebookt suggested here with the volume down and the power (didn't know about that before reading this thread) and it worked! Phone just restarted with the vibration and finished the update. Thank you

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this also worked for me.  My S8 was stuck in optimizing 96 of 96 after last update, wudn power off or enter safe mode etc.  I pressed vol down and power together until phone restarted and it finished the installation and seems to be fine now.  

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