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Samsung Note 8 not getting missed call notification


I've noticed recently that even though I receive calls, when I missed it, it will not show up on my notification bar. It shows up on my call log that someone had called me at such and such time, but I never knew when i missed a call unless i go to my call log. I've tried looking to the truecaller app in my phone, I've tried putting my phone to safe mode to find the app, but I just don't have it on my phone. I've also tried looking for other apps that may be causing the issue, but i cannot find anything. I just want to be able to know when I missed an important call. Please HELP!

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My Note 8 is not giving notifications of missed calls or new voicemails. How can I fix this problem?

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Mine too, cant see my missed call

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Download Truecaller for missed call alert notification 

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For missed call alert notification
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