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SAMSUNG NOTE 4 - inputPort.flush(); not working

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I've got problems with I am developing an app and the command
inputPort.flush(); is not working on Samsung Note 4 (N910F).
I know that the code is alright because same code runs fine on 
MOTO G running 7.0 API24.

Is this a known issue with Note 4? I have the latest firmware installed. Is there somthing I can try to make it work?
Android 6.0.1


Help is much apreciated.


AndrewL Moderator
Hi @thomas34

As the Note 4 is on Android 6.0.1 it may simply be a compatibility issue with the older Android version, seeing as the Moto G is running version 7.0. Is the app specifically for the Note range of devices? Are you in a position to test it on a Samsung device with 7.0 or higher?
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Unfortunatly I cannot test on a Samsung with 7 or higher, but I will know by tomorrow. The app should not be specific to Note devices, but I use it for testing because it's the only device I got.

Everything else in works fine, including timestamps, but without inputPort.flush(); - timestamps are useless.

Since inputPort.flush(); was added in API level 23, I thought it should work.


Thanks for the quick reply.

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inputPort.flush(); does work with Samsung Devices running Android 7 or higher.


It just doesn't work with my Samsung Note  N910F running MM. I tried to run some Custom Roms but they all don't support Midi.


Is there some possibilty that there will be an update fixing this issue for MM 6.0.1.


It should run, because flush(); was added in API23, but it doesn't.

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