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S8 not able to connect "Media Audio" via bluetooth

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First post so please be gentle


Was hoping others have had this issue and a fix is to be found, I have a shiny new stereo in my van which has android auto etc which all works when hard wiring my phone. oddly when i try bluetooth it will on connect for phone calls and any attempt to try and enable media audio fails


Is this a known issue and is there a fix 



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Hi @Perosteck. :robothappy:


There doesn't appear to be a singular cause as different people have reported different fixes for this type of thing, and some haven't resolved it in their case. I came across this thread at Android Central and this one on our US Community, for example. Worth checking both of those out.


Before delving into the other things folks have tried it's worth first making sure all of your phone and stereo's software is up to date; and then unpairing the two devices, clearing the cache/data from the various Bluetooth apps on the phone, and then re-pairing, to see if that resolves things in your case.


For clearing the cache and data:  Settings > Apps > 3 dots > Show System Apps> scroll down to find any Bluetooth apps (such as ‘Bluetooth Sharing’ for example), click into each of them > Storage > Clear cache, and Clear data.


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I was having the issue for  a while but after the new update to my phone, it still happened but when I power down both the Bluetooth device and my S8 it does work until the next time I will need to do the same thing

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I've tried everything I've came across on threads to for this issue with my phone. I discovered a solution when I went to Settings > Apps > menu then reset all app permissions. 

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I've been having the same problem with my Samsung S7 and a new stereo in the car. After trying the other fixes suggested on posts without success, I finally discovered there is a setting on the S7 under "Sounds and Vibration" option in the Settings menu. Select "Sounds and Vibration" then scroll right to the bottom where there's an option called "Separate app sound" select this. Make sure it's set to "On" then select the app you're using to play audio from your phone, then below that select "Audio device" and select "Bluetooth device". Then connect your phone to the car/van stereo Bluetooth. That worked fine for me for audio playback and I could still make calls.

Hope this helps you too.

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Tried everything the different help site came up with, but failed on all. Just download off playstore the app Bluetooth auto connect. Now everything is working.

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