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S8 internet browser download

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Hi all, 


I think my Samsung internet has been updated as Ive notice two changes 


1: When downloading a file the notifications stopped so it wouldnt show me how many files im downloading and how long it has left. Ive found out how to do this now.


2: Everytime I download a file i get a pop up with naming the file before it downloads. This never use to happen and files would just download. So i could download multiple files really quick. Now i have to individually click save on them all. I may have to switch to chrome if i cant find an answer. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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What build number is your Samsung Internet?

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I have been having this issue too, is there a work around as I can't find any settings that can be changed 

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Hi @Chattabob,


It looks like a feature now from within the browser it's self with no way I can see to change it my recomendation is if you want to download mutiple files it to use a download accelerator type app with the samsung browser this will alllow multiple downloads. If enough people  report that they don't like it maybe they will change it back.

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