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S7 settings not working

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Recently some of the settings on my s7 edge have stopped resopnding I get a pop up message saying settings not working or restart the app, I have tried every solution I've found online to fix it, the only thing I havent done is a factory reset, as when I plug my phone into laptop via usb to backup my photos it's not finding it to connect, anyone else had this problem, if so how did you fix it

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Superuser I

Perhaps back up your photos to Dropbox. 


I assume you use Samsung Cloud to back up too. 


If a Factory Reset does not help then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre will be able to help you. 



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Hi @Gazb81. Are you using Smart Switch to connect your phone to your laptop? If not you can download the relevant version for PC or Mac from the following link, connect your phone via USB cable and select the 'Backup' tab to proceed.
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