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S7 Edge Vibrating for no reason with smart alert off

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FOUND A SOLUTUON!! So I tried ALL instructions I could find in all forum..I tried to turn off the notification, i tried the accessibility screen, cleare d cache, uninstall all recent downloaded application, started phone in safe mode, removed sim & sd card, rebooted phone..NONE OF THEM WORKED!! The only thing that worked for me is by REMOVING THE SECURITY LOCK! I have a swipe pattern and fingerprint setup as security. I removed both of them and the vibration stopped! It was actually the fingerprint lock that's causing the issue so I removed that and just set a swipe lock. I have an s7 edge phone. Hope this works for anyone out there who is still having this issue.

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Same exact issue. Same phone. Suddenly constantly vibrating.  Even when on the phone. I just added FINGERPRINT SCAN  about 10 days ago. . I deleted that and checked all apps which had suddenly been set to vibrate. I never did that.  Even when I changed settings I still had to check all options for that app.  I'll update to see if it worked.  Thanks. I used to like my phone.

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It's a problem, that maybe not many of you guys experience, but i already soolved it by finding the problem.

i was setting infront of my pc and everytime i put my note 8 down it vibrated without any notification (just a short vibration).

On the Table i had 2 books, and everytime i put it on those books it vibrated. Those books had a chip inside and becuase the NFC on my phone was turned on, it vibrated everytime it wanted to connect with the book

 very funny issue, but if this issue happens to anyone else in this word, then you're my twin


have a great day

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