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S5 Home button not working

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Over a period of a few days my Home button stopped working.  Any suggestions for a fix?


Hi @PhoneuserIs your phone damaged in any way? Let's perform a test:


1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select Sub key.

Press the buttons on your phone. The screen will change colour every time it picks up that you've pressed a new button.

Is the test successful? If yes, does the issue occur when using an app? If no, are you able to access the 'Settings' menu on your device?



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Home key made no colour change. I can access Settings.


Appreciate help. Not sure what to do next.


Okay, let's check what software version you're on: 


1. Tap Apps.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap More.
4. Tap About device. Your software version will now be displayed.





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v. 6.0.1


PS. Looks as if callers can no longer hear me. Don't know exactly when this fault started but it may have been around the same time.


Looks like you're all up to date! Most software problems are cleared by doing a master reset, however before doing this,  are you able to visit one of our Support Centres for further assistance from our engineers? It is a drop in service and they will aim to inspect/repair your phone in the same visit. For your nearest one, head to: is there one nearby? 

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Not sure the service centre location search has worked properly. It looks as if all the centres are within M25. I live near Exeter!

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@Phoneuser: Closest one to Exeter is Plymouth: Samsung Support Centre Plymouth, 

156 Armada Way, PL1 1LB; Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday | 10:00am - 6:00pm, Sunday | Closed; 

01752 213668; email:


There's also the option of a postal inspection/repair via courier service. If you'd prefer that, then get in touch with one of our Support teams, and they'll be able to arrange it for you. :smileyhappy:


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