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Tap the 3 buttons to find the portrait edits.

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I really hope Samsung are going to bring back the features and options of photo editor pro. My next phone wont be a Samsung. Poor move Samsung, what's wrong with you?

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I purchased the Samsung Note 8. After upgrading the software I too have lost access to features I valued with Photo Editing Pro. This made all the difference to me 🤨 I am regretting my choice
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I've found I can achieve exactly the same results using the PicsArt app to replace features lost through the Samsung update - image layering, effects, everything :👌🏽


how to get photo editor pro back.

why cut the most useful feature of ss.

i dont understand.


we need photo editor pro back 

will you listen to us ,ss?

poor indeed
not free?
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The same for me... I managed to retrieve the old app with red eye, soften the face and long legs but after an update it disappeared... please bring it back Samsung!!
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