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Note 8 Not recieving updates


Hello i own a Samsung Galaxy note 8 SM-N950F i still havent recieved the android 9 update the last security patch i recieved is the july 2018 security update the phone was purchased in UAE and is used in france. Is there any way i can update the phone?

Thanks in advance.

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Superuser I

I see quite a few posts where a person has purchased a Samsung phone from one country and then are using it in another country i.e importing and then have the issue where the Os isn't updating and Security Updates are not coming through either @Rashiddd 


Your reliant on the country of origin releasing the update and then relying on your phone picking it up which going by past threads some people seem to not get any updates or are very slow in receiving them.


I can only suggest Samsung Smartswitch or if you can visit a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre who maybe able to help.


The only other route I'm aware of is a Custom Rom which can be learnt about on the xdadevelopers website however do learn about the possible negatives as well as the positives of choosing to perform this.


Disclaimer 》 


A person chooses to use a Custom Rom at their own informed discretion knowing that the possible negatives of doing so is an unstable phone and or a non working phone. The choice is solely yours.



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Thank you i found a better solution i used odin to flash the update on the phone.

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