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J7 Smart View crash

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I frequently use the 'built in' Smart View feature on my J7 Sky Pro (SM-S727VL) to mirror to my Tv (over mobile data, no wifi) but this morning it suddenly disconnected and when I tried turning it back on it the TV stayed stuck on the loading screen, a second attempt resulted in it just disconnecting immediately. I reset everything and was able to get it to work again but only for a few minutes then it did the same as before. I've cleared the cache on my phone and tried the 'wireless display' trick in developers options but it just repeats as before. It was working fine all night and nothing was updated or changed before the crash. Anyone know what might be going on?

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Superuser I

Sometimes I have glitches using my Note 9 as it either refuses to connect to my smartvtv or kicks me out while a programme is playing.


I use the built in Smart View option. 


Thankfully this only happens every now and again.


As a process of elimination can you try connecting to another smart TV as this may not be your Samsung device at issue.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic.



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