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Issues after software update

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I've updated my s7 edge and now it's rubbish any help please,internet rubbish,keeps dropping calls and disconnecting me HELP PLEASE 

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Hi @Dazza1


If a phone is bugging out after a firmware update then the generic advice is to do the following In order as needed. ....


  1. Turn the phone Off and On to soft reboot it. It can take a short while for the phone to properly index after an update. Ie settle down. 
  2. Turn the phone Off and perform a set of button presses to enter the phones file system and clear the Systems Cache. 
  3. Back-Up and Factory Reset which helps to remove old redundant files that can sometimes be left behind and cause conflicts occasionally. 

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It is also important when receiving a software update to ensure a strong constant internet connection to prevent any disruption to installation files. and for major android updates - from 6 to 7, 7 to 8 - best to back up your phone and do a factory reset after to really prevent any legacy system files from causing problems in the "new" system
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