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How to eliminate the notification "location found" when using Find my Mobile

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Every time I use Find muy Mobile, the notification "location found" appears on the phone that has been found. 


Is it possible to remove this option, so that the person who finds the mobile is not aware that he is being tracked?


The notification is really annoying since it alerts the person who finds the device. 


Thanks for your help! 

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I just had a support chat with Samsung. The tech's veredict was: It has a software clitch. No ETA when the fix will be pushed on an update.

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Is there any update on this?

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Any updates on this? I do not want the person who had gotten my phone knows I'm tracking it. 

Need help asap thanks!


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Maybe we should go back to iPhone their find my iPhone doesn't show notifications.
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Having the same issue. Has any one found a solution? 


All it says is to go online and stop the location tracking but I don't see that option. I swipe the notification away and it comes back a few minutes later. It's very annoying. 

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Hi .


I'm facing the same issue what's the trying to find you're phone if can turn the notification off dont make a penny sense . 


Which ***** would carry on carrying a phone that says I'm tracking you on notification. .


I would have thought a company like Samsung would have been on top of this 

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I tried this on my S8, im sure newer phones are the same, you hold the "find my phone" notification go to detail, lock screen, then "dont show notification". This will only work if you have a screen lock since on the home screen you will see the notification. I just got my S10 stolen so im trying to prevent this again. I dont recommend a pattern since the oil on your finger will show your pattern.

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