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How can I restore my Samsung Memos?


Well I be glad whenever they a solution bc I'm screwed if not with alot important info just Gone ,not back up, not restoreable this sucks 


If you haven't already backed up you memos:

1. log into Samsung's Find My Mobile

2. Choose Back Up

3. Only choose memo (I could only get it to work when only the memos were selected and nothing else)

4. Once they are backed up, open your new phone's Notes app

5. Go to settings and choose Import Data

6. Choose Memos from Samsung Account

7. The should download onto your new phone


Good luck


I had the same problem, no memos were restored.  Even though Samsung Cloud showed hundreds of memos in backup. So, I installed the app called Samsung Notes from the play store.  Then I chose import from SNotes, and also did import from Memos, only about 1/10 of the memos imported and they were all from two years or more ago.  I am at a loss.  So frustrating!!!  Does anyone know how to directly access them from the Samsung Backup??


@CalBrand wrote:

I've had the exact problem. No memos restored from google or samsung cloud, even though they did a few months back when I got a replacement galaxy 7. With my new galaxy 9 I cant figuire out how to get two years of memos back. Really want this sorted!

@CalBrand did you ever recover your memos to your galaxy S9? My situation is very similar. My S7 went down. Bought an S9. Had it backed up with Samsung and Google which worked like a charm at set up except for the Memos. Not Notes or SNotes. Memos. Need those Memos.

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Hello! Did you figure out how to get your memos back?

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Can someone please either a) provide a different answer than the same incorrect one again (if there is one) or b) just tell us that we're screwed?  Because we're getting a very Geek Squad level of responses here and nobody wants to just come out and say that they don't know what to do.

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