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Help with failing to send text message


Hi,my Samsung Galaxy A5 has suddenly started to "failed to send message " to acertain number. Our phones were blocked both sides but are no longer. They are able to send me a text but I'm unable to reply..... can anyone help please? x

Hi Smitch
Sounds like an issue with the network provider. recommend to speak to them.

Thank you. Even with it being to just one number? I'm able to send texts to others x

Yea could be, what you could also try is re setting network settings. If you go into settings, general management, reset, and then reset network settings.
One other step you could try is re setting the app preferences. do this by going into settings, app, tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner and then reset app preferences.
Hope this helps.

Thank you so much.  I will try that and if not I'll get in touch with O2 



ChrisM Moderator

Did you manage to sort this out, @smitch?


No i reset network settings and app settings  but that didn't solve it. I contacted O2 who said I must be blocked by the other person.  They have checked and I'm not. I can call the number. Very strange! 

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