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Galaxy S8 not powering on, no charging display or charging led

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So a while back I was charging my S8, I came back to it and it had died. The phone itself does not turn on, when I attempt to power it onoit occasionally flashes a singular horizontal line (usually near the top of the screen). The phone does take a charge because those lines don't show up when the phone is dead. I have tried all of the methods to try and fix a black screen of death (i.e., hold down the power button and volume down for 10 seconds/30 seconds, with and without the charger, I've tried holding down the bixby button alongside with vol down and the power button). Nothing is working, I haven't taken it into a shop yet because I've been quite short on money. Any help would be appreciated. 

AndrewL Moderator
@HarpiTheGryphon: Based on the nature of your query I recommend visiting an authorised Support Centre where an engineer can inspect your S8. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code.
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