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Following recent update phone not displaying incoming calls!

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After a recent update my Samsung S7 edge stopped showing incoming calls on the screen. I have no idea why  and I have no idea what to do to fix isn't in safe mode and I've restarted numerous times.


Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do ? I only did the software update Thursday morning!

Hi Key5520
Try these steps;
Go into settings > Applications > Tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner > tap on show system apps > Scroll through the list of apps until you get to the phone apps (there should be three of them. ) > tap on each of the phone apps, and clear data for each one. If you cant find the option to clear data then tap on manage storage, it should be in there.
If this doesn't help then tap on the three dots again and this time tap on reset app preferences.
If that doesn't work then put the device in safe mode. If the calls are coming through in safe mode then get rid of the third party cleaning and security apps that may have been installed on the device as they will be causing the problem.

If all of the above fail then you need to do a back up of the device and then a factory reset. But I don`t think it will come to that.

Any problems let me know.
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Cheers @Chewbacca


How did you get on with this one, @Key5520?


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I've tried all options minus returning to factory settings. None worked.

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I've now tried ALL options and none worked. Im using a Samsung A10
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