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Compatible Keyboard and Fonts for s7 edge

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Hey everyone!


Can anyone help me with finding a downloadable free compatible keyboard for Samsung galaxy s7 edge - that accepts the system fonts  when typing especially  -


I have been able to use fonts I purchased from the Samsung app store but only with the pre-installed Samsung keyboard and that keyboard is too I'm after a larger one.(to be honest i should not have to pay for additional fonts for such an advanced/expensive handset. Samsung should have provided more of a variety)


On occasions the device will allow me to download another apps keyboard but it will not type in the font the system is defaulted to , but on most occasions it will not  allow me to download one at all. 


If it's not possible to find a keyboard accessible to the system...please advise?!

There must be something compatible and free of charge out there... PLEASE HELP !!


Hey @SweetieLove,


Beyond our own app store, we can only advise to look for suitable keyboard apps and free fonts on the Play Store.

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Hi can I compatible my phone 

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