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Cant make or receive calls and text messages

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Hi All recently got a new s8+. But since last week I can't make or receive calls and text messages. I called vodafone and spent 45 mins on the phone trying to get it working, no joy. They told me to go to a vodafone store and have them look at the SIM card that it might need replacing. So I did that, and they changed my SIM. My phone worked for about 30minutes then it's stoped working again. Has anyone else had this issue with the s8+ 

Thanks in Advance.

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Hello @Rjboots


As a process of elimination can you insert your SIM card in another phone to see if anything changes ?


Does this issue happen everywhere you go or where your staying ?


A Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store will be able to help you further with this situation by performing a diagnostic. 


Vodafone UK offer a 30 day cooling off period where a person can have the phone swapped out. 





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Thanks for the reply. Going back to the Samsung store is my next step. Just finding time to get there with work is a real hassle. My problem happens everywhere. Nobody has been able to reach me since last week. Real frustrating. I haven't tried using my since in another phone yet. But I have changed my SIM card through Vodafone on Saturday so im guessing it will work in another phone. 

If a sim card has been replaced then it would eliminate a fault with the sim your best option in this instance would be to do a possible back up and factory data reset as this could possibly solve your issue and also save you time and hassle by taking it to a support center. If you need help backing up then call 0330 726 7864 and ask for remote support they will do the back up for you free of charge.
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Thanks very much. I will try this now, hopefully this gets it working.

good luck hope it works out for you
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Hi @Rjboots. Any joy for you? 


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