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Android 7.1

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When will Android 7.1 release for S7 edge??

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Now that's the million dollar question @UpdateOS


Samsung won't typically give info out on future updates I'm afraid. 


The advice I was given is to keep checking your phones software update settings in the phone. 


It can't harm checking the various blogs and tech sites that discuss such material too. 


I'm using an unbranded Samsung Galaxy s8 in the U.k and am on Nougat Android 7.0. 


Quietly looking forward to the new O firmware currently in Beta. 

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Unfortunately Samsung is too slow about rolling out updates and that's very bad for a such big company with millions of customers

Hi I understand the frustration of other devices getting the update before your device 

But I'm pretty sure Samsung has one of the biggest portfolios of smartphones on the planet in many different languages 


The positive thing about waiting a bit longer is if/when your device gets the update is it will have less bugs to slow your device down


I am also hopefull of an update on my S7 EDGE

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