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Always on Display is too much Bright on Note 8

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I have recently sold my S9 Plus and bought Note 8 in return. Despite updating to latest firmware, there is one thing that annoys me and that is Always On Display's brightness. AOD is supposed to adjust itself according to brightness in the surroundings but it doesnt. Although it works at night when there is zero brightness in the room but as soon as we turn on a single light, AOD brightness is increased to its max value like we are standing under the Sun. And during the day it stays at max throughout, like as of now while I am sitting in my office under office lights, its brightness is still at max just as I am sitting under the Sun. I am sharing a screenshot showing current brightness value in my office while my AOD is at max brightness (screenshot of AOD is not possible). Moreover when I googled this I was surprised to find that this problem is existing since this flagship was launched in September last year.
In S9 Plus there is an option for manual adjustment of AOD's brightness by double tapping on it then why it was not applied to Note 8 with Oreo Update? 

This problem needs to be solved at priority because there is no use of AOD if it drains battery quickly due to this fault.



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Although I have communicated this issue through Samsung Members app as well but they did the same thing they are good at ; Sending automated replies. I have mentioned it in my review of AOD's app too.

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Fully agree. Manually defining brightness for AOD is a must. Even lockscreen follows the display (which is at least already better than no change option like AOD) but even there one could have the option of decoupling the brightness from the standard display brightness. AOD and lockscreen is meant for basic info only, if I want full access, I'll unlock anyway. AOD does not even allow changing clock colour the same way as lockscreen does, where I can set some shade of grey which is basically low-brightness white.
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I have exactly the same issue and I am really surprised how Samsung have NOT addressed this yet, after such a long time !

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This why samsung big issue and thei community faq won't be able to say the truth about this they decided to make brightness adjustment only from s9 s9+only not from s8 and s8+ or note 8  my word to samsung and their community u begin to be a loser company Because when a man buy s8 or any flagship of your mobiles one year before your latest flagship u won't be happy for this to do u want people to buy what u need not what people need go away samsung and for me it is the last time i buy samsung mobile for this issues and lies 

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F* U SMSNG! Horrible

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Horrible attitude to your users
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