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The Introduce Yourself Thread

ChrisM Moderator

Welcome aboard @Kusha and @Ellerf! Nice to have you here.


@Kusha If you add your TV query to the TV board here, and click on 'Start a Topic', you'll be sure to get some helpful advice.


Hiya new to this, hope everyone is doing ok. My hobbies are photography, music, films, spending time with my family. I have 5 grandchildren 3 boys and 2 girls who I love to bits. I have a dog and 2 cats. Dont know what else to put lol, enjoy your day xx

AndrewL Moderator
Welcome to the Community, @SoulAngel
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Hi all. 

Hi @Sergej1 👋
Viele Grüße
*Kein Samsung Community Moderator*
Hat dir mein Beitrag gefallen oder dein Problem gelöst ? Ich wäre froh über ein Like oder Markierung als Lösung des entsprechenden Beitrags.
Meine Geräte: Galaxy S10, Galaxy A80, Galaxy A50, Gear Sport, QLED Tv
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Yorkshire Yorkshire
Im from Leeds as well )))))

Thank you 


Hiya hope you doing ok

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Hi all I'm new to the community but Ive been using Samsung products since the galaxy S2. 


Hiya welcome to the community hope you are doing alright

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