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Preview of notifications on Gear Fit lost with Android Pie

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I have a Gear Fit (original) which has been working fine with my S9 since last July. Earlier this week Android was updated to 9.0.


Now only text messages are previewed on the Fit, all other apps say "For details, view this notification on your mobile device." 


I have tried every solution I have found on other forums and nothing has worked. Uninstalling/reinstalling Gear Fit Manager, resetting Gear Fit, switching notifications off & on, switching bluetooth off & on, allowing GFM to access all phone data it wants.


Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi there, I have the same Gear Fit and use it with my S9. I have had the same problem over the last couple of days as well!! No idea how to help but commenting to see if anyone else can help.

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Same problem here. All notifications are not working any more except those of original Samsung apps. Media controller also works. but my favourite watch, the original weather clock is of no use any more.  I read in an other forum that users of the newer gear watches and the android pie beta had the same problem last year, until the gear wearables app got an update . Unfortunately the gear fit 1 is not working with the newer app. 

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Not good news, but thanks very much for the info.

Same issue here. The only solution I received was to check the wearable app settings (not compatible with gear fit 1) and to allow notifications. Now my gear fit is a simple clock.
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So I guess its up to Samsung whether there will be the same update for the old Gear Fit App or not, that makes the watch useful again.


I was pretty excited about smartwatches and looked forward to get the Gear S3 some day... But now I realized that Samsung can do whatever they want with their watches. Released in 2014 a lifetime of 4 years is way to short in my opinion. Forced to buy a new watch via software update to bring Samsung more money? Don't think so... 


I experienced nearly the same with my old Pebble Smartwatch after the Pebble Steel came up. New app with new features and the old watch starts to go down chimney.  


Think of a classic watch you buy for 150 EUR and it breaks after 4 years of usage and the company gives you zero support. Would you buy a watch of that company again? I wouldn't.

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