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how to change colour of text messages


I have tried that but i can not find what i want, before you could put your own background on just on the sms app or the whole phone and then pic the coulor and shape of the bubble i like the stock theme and just want to change the sms app XDA developers have proved this works by taking the S8 sms app off the S8 and putting it on the S9 and it worked the rom was unlocked to do it but it worked so its clear the want just to sell themes and there is no reason for this


I just upgraded from the Note 8 to the note 9 yesterday. I am sorely disappointed that the messaging app has taken such a step backwards. The only solution seems to be to replace it with a third party app.

Well just got of the phone with a so called samsung star again who had no idea other then them this them that we dont want themes if we did we would down load one the old messages apk from a S7 works so its clear they ditched it hoping we would floc to there theme store then they change the time you can have a free one
wake up Samsung when a old phone beats a new one on user experience what does that say Samsung You got it Wrong
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This is as stupid as it gets!!! I dont want any themes and change look of my WHOLE PHONE, just color of text bubble!!!

Now I need to stare at this vomit inducing green-blue bubble, what was wrong with yellow, it was at least neutral.





Yeah, i don't see that on One Ui...


I agree! I want to be able to change the color of the conversation bubbles! So much easier to keep up with a conversation if each person is a different color. Just went from S7 to S10 and find this so disappointing! PLEASE FIX THIS SAMSUNG!

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I really don't know what Samsung thinking?! Cut off quite a bit of liabilities of customize features. Very disappointed!!! Samsung, are you guys following the path as IOS?!?! 90% of their phones can't be customize by the user. I just changed to S10e from iphone 6s and realized that I my disappointment is more. SAMSUNG, ARE YOU GUYS SLEEPING?!?!?!
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Dear Samsung,


I am an adult, and as such, would prefer that my text messages not be in bright neon colors with hard to read white text.  Please enable me to act my age by selecting a more funtional, non attention seeking color scheme, and/or, revert your stock messaging app back to the gray/pale yellow black text options.


Thank you

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Cuz that could be one of the features why they bought the phone in the first place
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I created an account just to be able to comment on this.


Thanks to everyone,  my software updated two days ago and I realize now I'm stuck with it!!  My Text Messages will not show on the lock screen ( they used to) and now I'm stuck with San Jose Sharks Turquoise as my message bubble.   Apologies to any SJS fans on the forum.    





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