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Swipe to call or message feature not working

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This feature is LITERALLY why I stay with Samsung Galaxy phones. If it stays like this I'll be considering other options 😡

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Same here. I switched to a Nexus when they took my Note 7 away (I'm still salty about that; it was literally the perfect phone) and I enjoyed the Nexus, but decided that I couldn't live without the gestures I was accustomed to using. I ended up going back to the Note line instead of moving to the Pixel. Swiping from the messages app was the one I used most often. 

I'm also not a fan of the very Apple looking design of this release, especially the horizontal tile for the open apps rather than the vertical. I primarily use my phone one handed, so I like things to be as compact as possible.


I don't know why samsung always discontinues the great features and adds ***** that nobody cares about! I hate that they removed the ability to take videos with the front and rear camera simultaneously!


No, that doesn't help because it's not the function everyone is referring to! And that involves 3 steps.  Why was the swipe right to call function removed from the messages app?

I too HATE the vertical appearance of the apps open screen. When there stacked horizontally, I could see everything at once that I had open. Now I have to scroll to see everything. Looks just like a ***** iPhone screen now. And still no return of S voice that was so awesome and easy to make or answer calls with one voice command. I loathe Bixby.
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I've got the same issue when my s8 updated to the latest version of Android and it is the one thing I miss most. I'm actually considering rolling back to the previous version of Android and blocking the update just to get it back.

If Samsung is watching, please bring this function back. It was perfect just how it was. 

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Yes I agree.

How can we get both vertical apps and swipe to call back in messages?????
Why would they take out good features.

Do these ***** engineers ever ask users what they like?

What is wrong with these people.



I recently called Samsung for another issue, but casually mentioned the missing swipe to call feature. I told them about this forum and about this post! I am going to send a follow-up email as well to reiterate our pleas and refer them here so they can see this is an active thread gone on for far too long!

It was VERY quick to get a Samsung rep over the phone and they were very courteous. They took note of my suggestion. I recommend people who have posted on this thread, if you have a couple of extra mins, try calling Samsung and ask to bring back this feature. They may not even be aware it's gone as the person I spoke with didn't have awareness.

Doesn't hurt to try and power in numbers!!

I'll do that!  Multiple voices will definitely have more impact than one!

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Hi! Open msg app and go to setting. Turn the swipe to call or msg function back on and it starts working. I think with update this fuction get turned off, but u can change it. Enjoy!

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