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Split screen on s9 after update

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Its good to know (and thank you all)..


But WTF Samsung? Why keep messing with stuff when it already works well? I hate the card system. I prefer the List which allows me to shift through more without the thumbnails for each. They got rid of that option completely. 


I hate that these companies give us no choice to upgrade, and then change things around without any notice. 




Yeh the vertical list? Love that with oreo, that and the camera need sorted imo. Also more options to mess with other settings like icon frames, little things, it's this that has always made Android stand out for me. 


When I speak to friends who use Apple it's because they like the simplicity and don't want to tinker. 

Can't have Apple and Android all doing the same, that just ruins it for me personally. 

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I called samsung... tap the triple lines on the bottom left like you're trying to close the apps, then tap the icon at the top of the app.

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Thank you very much. Your explanations were clear and simple.

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This is NOT SOLVED.  Multi windows still doesn't work after last update.  Please fix this!!!!!!

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This doesn't work since the last update 

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What issue have you come across @Wyerflower?


The Split screen option is available following the the Pie Update. 


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@Wyerflower wrote:

This doesn't work since the last update 

Have you installed good lock from the samsung store? 

Split screen is still part of pie but you get more options with good lock. 

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What's a multitasking key and how do you find it





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Hello my name is Cha..

After successfully finding the multitasking. Where can you locate it in the settings as well?

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