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Something wrong with calendar - dates aren't showing

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I cant post a picture at the moment, but for about a month now my calendar hasn't been working properly. The only number date it shows is the current date. It shows events, but not the day they are on  It's like the calendar is a white screen except for today's date. I've rebooted my phone, cleared the cache and data, but nothing has changed.

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Hi @TaylorH . Check out this thread.


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I'm having the same issue. I have contacted Samsung through the contact Us option and I have not heard anything back for a few weeks. 


I have the exact same issue on calender and on text messages! This only occurred when I updated the software.  They contacted me and said tho change the Theme, but that had not helped.  Screenshot_20190314-102105_Calendar.jpg




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I have found a solution. Just install Google calendar.then samsung calendar  will automatically shows all the informations related to those dates.

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Try installing Google calendar
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