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Samsung Billing App

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Samsung billing  suddenly asked me for permission to access to all device media contacts  without opening samsung store or any trials to purchase samsung apps is that normal or malicious attack ??

Can anyone help me ??

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I too just had the app install by surprise,without any option, and without warning.


I don't mind it being there, but i think if samsung made the user aware, prior to install,not as many people would be alarmed/surprised and puzzled,we are no longer in the times where it is a difficult task to send an executable file.


Have a great day all


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como puedo descargar samsung billing? Ya que compre en el juego Fortnite pero me desconto el dinero y no recibi ni la skin ni los v-bucks

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How can I uninstall?

Settings, Apps doesnt offer me this and I do not wish to make any purchases, nor did I ask for tgis App to be installed on my phone.


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @bozo7777.


You're not able to uninstall the app but you can disable it through Settings > Apps > Samsung Billing > Disable.

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Samsung in app purchase error contact support  but no answer. Buy item like PUBG FORNITE AND OTHER GAME in galaxy apps  server error uccured. Error s100008  already force close and clear cache and data. Reboot device but stil cant top up. 😁 please let me help

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@jackmo wrote:

The application is used to purchase apps through Samsung Store application that is delivered with Samsung phones. Samsung Billing acts as bridge between Samsung Store and payment servers. Without it, you will not be able to purchase anything.


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Me also getting the same how to solve this problem 


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oky, but how can i use it and where it is on my phone to open and use it?

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