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S9plus graphics issues.

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I have a Verizon Galaxy S9plus. I mainly use it over wifi. No cell signal or activation on this device. My issue is graphics. I'll play a game. It doesn't matter if its GTA SA or 4x4 mania or rangers of oblivion. After awhile I'll get off the game. And put it into lock screen and then when I reload the home screen everything is so small and tiny. I use the screen zoom and text size and that doesn't work. I've tried resetting settings and it only makes everything smaller. I have bought a SD card and put all my spotify music on it to free up memory and it still wouldn't fix it. I've tried safe mode and my phone won't even go into safe mode. I have refreshed factory reset this device and it still does it. When is this gonna get fixed or do s9plus users get free android 10? I've also seen on reddit that I'm not the only one having the issues

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