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S9 wifi internet may not be available.

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Finally! After reading the whole thread until here, changing DNS1 to worked and fixed the issue. Thanks! 

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This may sound stupid but....I experienced the wifi issue...reset a bunch of things and it still didn't work.. checked my home network profile and my router had paused my device from using WiFi...unpaused device and the problem was solved...hope this helps someone

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I have the same issue S9+ and changed the DNS1 to and static IP, but come on I cant do this for every WIFI SSID. Samsung needs to find a solution for this problem as soon as problem. My Galaxy S8 does not have this issue.

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Has anyone found a solution? I am incredibly frustrated this is ridiculous. I have no choice but to return the phone and switch to apple. 

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This fix worked for me. I had tried MANY fixes from other forums, but four, brand-new S8s continued to drop wifi randomly (both in our home with old Netgear and new Google routers, as well as when connected for longer periods in places like the gym, at the university, etc). 


We had switched to Spectrum Wireless and Spectrum Internet service and had a very difficult time finding a cure for this problem. Wifi drops out (seemingly) randomly and (definitely) intermittently, reconnecting on its own after 2-10 seconds. 


In short, I believe there is a flaw between Samsung hardware and the Spectrum Wifi Autoconnect that makes the phone "search" at certain intervals. I plan to keep an eye on the problem and see if this is a long-term fix. I am currently testing this by turning off mobile data while in my home and also turning off the "auto re-connect" for my home router. Then, I set up music streaming through the wifi connection on my phone. Should the music stop, that would indicate a drop-out of the wifi.


I encourage others to try this fix as well and report back. I nearly sent back all four phones to Spectrum and cancelled my contract because I believed they were in breach of theirs to have working service and devices. They should take note and fix the problem. I will call their support team to report.



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I've wasted hours trying to fix this as I run my business from home and recently upgraded to an S9. I thenwent back to my S5 on same wifi and all hardware works fine. The S5 even has much better range. I'm so disappointed as I have since givenmy s5 away as I didn't think I'd need it. I run my own business and it was hard for me financially to go to the S9 after being unsure for years if I even needed an upgrade. Everything takes me longer to do on the S9 and troubleshooting intermittent problems that I still can't fix. I don't have time to be one of your testers Samsung. I pay money and expect better. Next phone will be something different. I've given all I can and no longer trust my S9 will stay connected when it needs to be reliably!

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@scott2923 wrote:

Hi mate i managed to fix the 2g/ 5g switching on the phone issue by going into the network settings on phone; wifi connections for my ssids  and giving it a static ip address for both make sure your gateway is your router and dns settings to what you prefer either google ones etc I use a smart dns service so I set mine to those now I can walk about the house and it changes to either 5g or 2g now no problem. Also had to make sure my router assigned the same ip address to my phone if ever I rebooted it this was easy as I use ddwrt firmware and can assign the same ip via mac address see if your router software supports this. Videoder Tubemate Snaptube Now only the not receiving missed calls notifications if spam and caller Id  is on in phone app to sort got a temperarory fix for that installed hiya app from play store but not impressed basic wifi and calls on a new flagship phone having issues not impressed samsung. Most consumers buy a phone to work out of the box.

 it existed for previous samsung phones as well. When will samsung fix this issue. I was almost happy when i left apple and came to samsung. 

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This worked for me, Thanks.
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This is a fix that Samsung advised me to do.


Reset wifi by going to general management, reset, reset network setting,s and re-entering the wifi password.


Now it is all ok again.

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Mine's the opposite

My s9+ connects to 5G wifi fine, but kicks me out immediately after connecting to 2.4G wifi on the same router, tried resetting settings, didn't help.

Now I have to hug my router for dear life because of the short range of 5G wifi...


My iPhones, iPads, laptops and microcontrollers are connecting and working fine, even the PSP connects...

But not my s9+? What?

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