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S9 Message notifications still make sound when phone on vibrate

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I'm having the same problems on my S10+. I figured out it was related to the media volume. I dont think however it is related to bluetooth. I'm not even going to try my headphones seeing how they are also Bose Q35II. But I also haven't had them connected since this has started. When it started my bluetooth had been turned off an unused for a week or so.  Hoping they fix it soon.


I noticed today that my notifications volume was greyed out and I couldn't touch it and it seemed the media volume was controlling the notifications. At the same time an Android update was available on my phone and since updating I haven't had any issue. I also used my Sony  WH1000-mx3 headphones tonight and all good. 

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Hi all. Please submit Error Reports with Log Files using the Members app (within 15 minutes of the issue occurring). In the meantime, I will submit this to the Software Team. 

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This is also driving me crazy. I'm glad I'm not going insane, because I thought I must have dropped my phone or something! 

Using Note9 and Bose Q35ii. Once I've had the headphones connected the notifications are being controlled by the media volume. Mine is also echoing repeatedly for each notification. Feels like my phone is broken until this is resolved.

Thanks for the hint to restart the phone! Going to try that. Had already tried updating firmware, switching headphones, restarting but then reconnecting headphones etc. Will try without reconnecting. 


Having the same problem, drives me insane.

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I've been having this issue as well for about a week. A restart clears the issue until I pair and unpair my QC35 II headphones.


I've found another temporary solution that allows me to still have my media volume on.

- Take your phone off vibrate/silent

- Manually turn down the notification and system volumes

- Set your ringtone to silent in settings > sounds and notifications > ringtone


My phone is setup to use the volume controls for media.


I downloaded the Samsung Members app but do not see any options to submit an Error Report. The only available options in Send Feedback is General Feedback.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this issue...


Bose QC 35ii owner here as well!

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Hi all.


To send an error report via the Samsung Members app, select Samsung Members > select the blue dot with the white + symbol in the bottom right hand corner > select 'Send feedback' > select 'Error reports' > select the nearest category applicable. If possible, try to send the log within 3 minutes of the problem occuring. Hope this helps!

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Same problem here as of yesterday. S9 woke me up in the night with a couple of notifications after I'd used Sony Bluetooth headphones earlier in the day.

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