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S9 Dead zones on the screen



has anyone else had this issue? On the lower part of my screen, there is an area that is unresponsive, I cant open any apps that sit in that area. When I text there are letters I cant use. If you swipe up on facebook it won't swipe.Screenshot_20180507-160402_Sketch1.jpgScreenshot_20180507-161009_HwModuleTest1.jpg


I went to the S9 from the iPhone which I had for years but the s9 won me over.

I have had the s9 for 3 weeks. Its kept in a case and is unmarked as I always take care of my phones.


I called tech support who ran a series of tests and said it is hardware related and I must call Samsung shop to arrange a replacement. I have sent the phone back yesterday and I'm using a £25 phone I bought from Asda to keep me going.


Has anyone else had this issue, there are a few reports if you google dead zones.


I worry now that this could be a big issue affecting the s9

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I've got the same issue, but in a very specific location on the screen


I've managed to workaround it so far, but its far from ideal as it was working perfectly for 6 weeks previously


Messaged Samsung who just stated as I'm not in the US to contact my regional area for support, and claim they are not aware of any issues, even though a couple of tech websites DO state Samsung are aware of "a small number of customers" having issues and toc ontact Samsung directly. This ONLY applies if you are in the US as its a US phone number to contact. No good if you are based in UK and the response I got was again to contact my regional area my help



Just type in "s9 dead zone" in any search engine and watch the web sites appear with users complaining about dead zones



Then Samsung is not being honest.

I had my phone for just under 3 months, I sent the phone back and I had a new one. The new one is fine.

Apparently, the early S9s suffered from this problem.


Samsung said if I had gone over 3 months then they would have repaired it under warranty.


I dealt with the Samsung shop UK, they have a support option.

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I have same issue like you.


2 weeks of use started to make error.  








get it returned for a new one

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My phone is uae zone. If is in warrantly just in uae.
Im in europe I bought it here. The will not replace it without extra payment.
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No change


I did a 2nd full factory reset before taking it to local T-Mobile shop, where they suggested as its outside the 30-day return warrenty it would have to go off for eapir/replacement which could take up to 4 weeks and also said I would need to use a credit card to give them a £75 deposit on a loan phone that would be returned when I bring the loan phone back. I didn't agree to either and argued its a new phone thats less than 2 months old, I do NOT want it sending off for "repair" neither am I willing to give any deposits for loan phones


They also suggested taking it to the nearest Samsung service centre (2hich is 20 miles away) who can test it there and also replace if they verify its a hardware fault, which it likely as its just not worth teh aggrevation to them and simply RMA for me


Also spoke to Samsung UK who agreed its likely a hardware issue and take it to Samsung service centre


So, thats what I'm doing next week



The more poeple ring Samsung and get them to log it, the more chanbce of Samsun admitting there is an hardware fault with the csreen digitizers


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S9 PLUS - Faulty Screen.jpg


This is my actual screen taken this morning using another phones camera. As you can see, its pretty obvious where my problem is. Nothing fixes this via software, so I'm taking it to the Manchester Samsung centre which is a 50 miles round trip for me to get it sorted out. Hopefully replaced under warrenty as its cleraly faulty


T-Mobile offered to send it iff to be 'repaired' but could take upto 4 weeks. Not acceptable really



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Got my phone back yesterday from shop


Fully repaired. Never said anything about KNOX being tripped or showing as 'rooted' in fault report from repair centre or from shop when I picked it up



List of faults :


New screen (original fault)

New battery

New vibration motor

and 'another' part


Still KNOX tripped so motherboard hadn't been changed. Now rooted again with Magisk. Working as it should be when new. I tested screen before I left shop as well to makle sure that had been replaced


It is the same phone, I took serial number and IMEI before I sent it off, plus they took photos when it arrived at repair centre


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my whole screen is unresponsive, just got the phone a couple weeks ago
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