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Revert from beta

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It says that you can use Smart Switch to revert back to a stable release from the beta.

I've withdrawn from the beta using the Samsung members app but Smart Switch is still not showing an option to install an earlier build. 


Hi @Welshbloke



Have you tried the following steps? After launching the Smart Switch PC software, you can find the menu option ‘Update’ or ‘Device Initialisation’ for restoration, (More > Emergency software recovery and initialisation > Device initialisation)


Let us know if this helps you to revert back to the official software!



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They should make some kind of update so you can easyer restore to normal :/

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OKay,... I went thru the process to downgrade from the Android 10 beta and this is where I got stuck:

Clicked on downgrade button

Comfirmed All

Downloaded S9 firmware

Here's where Im stuck....Box shows that sifware update is in progress but has been at 0% for the last hour!

Nothing happening. Restarted sequence over 5 times already and same thing.

What am I missing???? Need help!!!


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I am also facing the exact same issue.

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